Easter Classic History
The Burrum Heads Amateur Fishing Club started the Easter Fishing Classic in 1991 with only a handful of families participating. Over the 27-year history, the Easter Classic has grown enormously with big crowds, thousands of dollars in prizes and giveaways, and many, many generous sponsors.
Some reasons for the success of the Easter Classic are

• due to the family nature of the event, families from all over Australia enjoy the village atmosphere, wetting a line and relaxing in our beautiful environment over the Easter weekend.
• the event is the one major activity the Club engages in each year and therefore the members are able to focus efforts and resources to ensure a memorable time is had by both locals and visiting families.
• the Organizing Committees over the 27 years has, through a combination of income generated from the previous year’s Easter Classic(s) and the generosity of our sponsors, been able to ensure an affordable family orientated fun event

Our Visitors

Further to the popularity of the Easter Fishing Classic, families travel from all parts of Australia and from countries such as New Zealand and Singapore. Burrum Heads has welcomed many wonderful families to the region over the years.


One family from Kingaroy (2008) in particular has touched the hearts of the local community for years to come, due to financial hardships dad reluctantly sold the family boat in order to raise the funds to keep his promise to take the family to the Burrum Heads for the Easter Fishing Classic.
Knowing the fishing from shores of the Burrum River can be as fruitful as sitting in a boat, dad made the sacrifice to keep his promise and the family made it for the Easter Classic. The family enjoyed catching fish and relaxing in the village atmosphere.
Each Sunday the major super draw prize is drawn at the end of the event.   Last year in 2017, a local man won the brand new boat, trailer, registration, and safety package. He was one of many happy punters who took prizes worth over $40000 away over the three day event.

The Community

Local retailers strongly support of the event contributing prizes and use of resources to ensure the success of the Easter Fishing Classic each year; they too make preparations early to accommodate the needs and conveniences of our fishing friends who travel from far afield.
This especially keeps our retailers and local holiday accommodations sites busy months in advance so families can enjoy what has become a second home for many. Historically, the success of the Easter Fishing Classic has ensured local retailers benefit greatly from the increased revenue spent over the Easter weekend whilst also providing  casual employment opportunites for our young people.


Additionally, young people attending the event gain valuable insight into how a community has a role to play in supporting events like the Easter Classic and the beneifits to not only the community but the club they have supported. The Easter Fishing Classic facilitates bringing the local community together as well as fostering stronger relationships with fellow Australians, with many returning each year.


A number of top local anglers also enjoy the fishing competition from visiting angling families so they can test their fishing skills over the three day event.
Importantly, the Easter Fishing Classic allows for the Burrum Heads Amateur Fishing Club to contribute to the small village through supporting other clubs and providing facilities and resources for the whole community and our visitors.
The Members

The Easter Fishing Classic attracts anglers of all ages and abilities and has become a top 5 event for the Wide Bay Fraser Coast Region. This is an achievement the 64 strong members of the Burrum Heads Amateur Fishing Club are very proud of.  The goal of the club and it's members is to ensure a safe and fun environment for all who attend.


Behind the scenes, preparations start about 5 months in advance of the Easter Classic week-end, with members volunteering their time and individually specific skills to the planning, preparation and finally the running of the week-end event. The Thursday before Easter, members go into action erecting marquees for weigh-in, merchandise, registration, the bar, whilst the stage area and perimeter fencing is put in place. 


These little known or observed activities are how the small Burrum Heads Amateur Fishing Club succeeds in delivering a successful annual fishing competition that is a testament to the hard work club members undertake each year. 

When the Easter Classic is over for another year; members of the Burrum Heads Amateur Fishing Club looks to make contributions to strengthen our community and provide facilities to improve village lifestyle and give our visitors a relaxing and enjoyable time to remember.
Community Development
Here are some of the wonderful contributions the Burrum Heads Amateur Fishing Club has been able to complete in our village due to the success of the Easter Fishing Classic.

  • The building of the two rotundas’ on the event site at Lions Park, Shhhh! We are planning on doing another one soon, if we are allowed.
  • A $10,000 donation to Fmr: Hervey Bay Council to lay turf, foot paths, gardens, lighting on the event site at Lions Park
  • Lend resources and volunteers to the annual Progress Association Christmas Party
  • Jointly run the annual Endeavour Foundations Christmas boat ride and BBQ where members donate their time and boats with the Club funding  the food and fuel.
  • In 2010, the Easter classic raised over $4000 for a local boy and his family who was experiencing a dangerous heart condition, this allowed the family to pay some bills, travel and stay in Melbourne to receive vital treatment and care.
  • Donated to Howard Ambulance to purchase a trolley and books
  • Donated $500 for trophies for the Torbanlea soccer club 2010
  • Donation of $500 to Wild life rescue in 2008 to transport injured animals for treatment
  • Buy the meat trays for the annual Tombola for the local church in Burrum Heads
  • Buy meat trays for the local Anzacs annual march
  • Annual donations of $500 to the Burrum Heads SES over the last ten years
  • $500 in 2010 to the Cancer Council in memory of the President of the Toogoom Fishing Club
  • Donated $500 to the Outriggers Club for paddles
  • 2009 donated $250 to the bushfire appeal
  • Donated to the Rural Fire Brigade to ensure their hard work
  • Donated $3000 to Maryborough Branch of the Enveavour Foundation workshop for the purchase of a tooking machine that will assist them in conintuing to support local businesses



The twenty-seven-year history of the Easter Fishing Classic stands as testament to the time and resources members contribute to ensuring the success of the event each year. The year on year growth of the event since 1991 has been substantial. In 2017 a total of 1355 competitors entered the event and thousands more attended the last activity, the prize giving and Super draw on Sunday afternoon.  

The Club members take enormous pride in their ability to support our community in community projects and development. 


As a result of the years of dedication the Club was recognized for this achievement when presented with the 2009 Fraser Coast Australia Day Community Event Award.


The Easter Fishing Classic emphasizes education and awareness. The Terms and Conditions emphasise this particularly through the catch and release classes. We have maintained a link to sustaining our local environment by preserving the fish species in the river system by ensuring that greater than 75% of fish weighed-in each year at the competition are live and released. In the dead weigh-in classes, only one of each species can be weighed in each day. 



The Kid’s Clinic also provides information and activities to develop sustainable fishing practices,the importance of recycling and awareness of the environmental impacts on the river systems and how it supports fish habitats. whilst the target audience is the younger folk who attend the event, the education and information provided is also delivered to the parents of these children.  This approach echoes the Clubs position of sustainable fishing for the future of fish stocks, the sport generally, the event and our village. 


Over 27 years, the Easter Classic has attracted many fantastic sponsors and without their generosity the Easter Classic would not be as successful. The achievement for the Easter Classic has been the loyalty and dedication of our more than 80 sponsors in 2017. Organizers from year to year do not know how many to cater for, but we know from history, we always go overboard.


In 1991 the Easter Classic started with only 10 children attending. Talking with the locals involved, they had a fantastic time. Over the 27-year history many parents have said if it were not for the enjoyment and excitement of their children ‘pestering’ them to return each year some would not have come back.


In 2017 the Easter Fishing Classic attracted 421 Junior entrants to the event. This was an exciting time for the Classic to prepare for the prizes and enjoyment of children and young people. Another interesting figure, in 2009 there were 74 children attend the Kids Clinic; in 2017 there were more than 350 children and young people aged up to fifteen at the Kids Clinic. The most excited, for both children and parents, were the many under five year olds who enjoyed splashing paints everwhere while creating sea gardens. The organizers of the Easter Fishing Classic Kids Clinic made sure that no child missed out. It seemed to be a never ending treasure trove of sponsors gifts and prizes that put big smiles on the faces of the children and their parents.


Events Schedule 2018

Event Launch
Commencing at 7am Good Friday & closes at the end of Dead Weigh-in at 1pm on Easter Sunday. 
Sign-on at the event is 7am to 4pm Good Friday, 7am to 12 noon Easter Saturday. Food & refreshments will be available over Easter Saturday and Sunday....


Club Committee

President: Brad Dyson
Vice-President: John Rigby
Treasurer:  Lyn Chester
Secretary: Jo Armstrong

Assistant Secretary: Amanda Willoby
Weigh-Master:  Ron Henderson

Social Coordinator: Vacant