The Burrum Heads Amateur Fishing Club is more than just a fishing club full of ‘FishOholics’. Through our Social Coordinator members enjoy the 3 weekly BBQ’s which allows members to catch up and socialise as this is a core element of the success of the club.

Members who love fishing also plan a wide range of social activities including camping trips to hinterland lakes and beaches,

winery and shopping tours, as well as informal gatherings to celebrate holidays and other community events.


The BBQ and Competition weekends are an integral feature of the Clubs’ lifestyle. Competitions are held every 3 weeks with fishing from 1pm Friday until 1pm Sunday. The BBQs and weigh-ins are from 4pm on Sunday afternoon at the Clubhouse, enter through the Bowls Club entrance. Members take turns to cook the BBQ, supporting local shops to purchase consumables for the BBQ.


BBQ Guidlines


Date           Members Rostered    

10 June    Irene & Michael Bates
8 July       Colin & Robyn Christensen
22 July     Vince & Karen DelPopolo
12 Aug     Bruce & Ildie Clark
2 Sep       Larry Gundry & Judith James
23 Sep     Rob Gregory & Trudy Meischke
14 Oct      Michael & Irene Bates
4 Nov       Brad Carter & Lois Martin
25 Nov     Wayne & Pam Waddell
16 Dec     Russell Hughes & Sandra Pershouse
13 Jan      Lex Cowley & Shirley Shorten
3 Feb       Roy & Diane Noble
24 Feb     Terry & Elaine May
17 Mar     Peter & Annette Akers
7 April     Murray & Jann Watson
5 May      Steven & Lorraine Whalley
26 May    Bradley Dyson & Lloyd Minnecon
17 June   Allan & Lyn Chester



Reserves:  Rolf & Anne Light, Ron & Leanne Henderson, Bjarne & Julie Jorgensen, Mick & Lynne Chadwick, Garry Watson & Jo Armstrong, Eric Davey, John & Margaret Mackney, John & Jan Martin, Brad Dyson & Amanda Willoby

If you are unable to cook on your rostered date, please find a replacement and swap before that date.  Instructions and management contact details are on the BBQ Guidelines form.

The order forms are in the drawer to the left of the Fridge.  They need to be given to the Howard butcher, Burrum Heads baker, and Burrum Heads Foodworks by the Wednesday before the barbeque.

Please check the Cupboards for consumables needed and ONLY ORDER WHAT IS NEEDED.



The order forms need to be given to the butcher, baker and Foodworks one week before the barbeque. Usually the weekend before. Put your contact details on the forms when you complete and hand them in. Check the Shed cupboards before completing the forms and only order any additional amounts required. All Management Committee members have keys to the Shed. Please contact one to gain access to the Shed. Please collect the invoices when you pick up your order and give that invoice to the Treasurer.


IMG 4393 Peter 600 x 400IMG 4396 Ron 600 x 400IMG 4398 Bjarne 600 x 400IMG 4400 Peter2 600 x 400IMG 4401 Annette 600 x 400

Club Committee

President: Brad Dyson
Vice-President: John Rigby
Treasurer:  Lyn Chester
Secretary: Jo Armstrong

Assistant Secretary: Amanda Willoby
Weigh-Master:  Ron Henderson

Social Coordinator: Vacant